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Training, Schedules & Fees

Email  (For contact or E Transfers)

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 Check Calendar for changes and Notices for closures!  Online Bookings & Drop Ins.

Areas will be rotated closing for maintenance and owner use.  New Fee Schedule in effect see below. 









9am - 4pm


*4pm - Dusk

1pm - Dusk

1pm - Dusk

*9am - Dusk

*9am - 4pm

 *T6 Trailer Ponds open times will be posted in summer 

* On really Hot summer days the farm will Open at 7am on Friday, Saturdays & Sundays.  Check Notices for time changes.

Open Training

Open Training Days 

  • The Schedule is in effect all year unless we need to close due to weather or unforseen circumstances.  OPEN for Online Reservations 

  • If you are not familiar with the Training Areas (includes Barn) at SDF, where you can train, drive, park and set up - please visit the Training Area Page with Map.  

  • Reserve Training Areas - 30 min to 30 days in advance, details are below. 

  • Day of Training "drop in" will not be used anymore.  Please use the online booking system which allows you to book 30 min in advance.    

  • To make it fair to everyone - You and your group may only reserve 2 training areas at a time to a maximum of 4 per day.    

  • Day of Training:  IF you arrive and training areas or extra time is still available you may extend areas or add extra time by using the online reservation system.  


  Daily Training Fees

  • $5 Per Person PLUS  

  • *$10 Per Dog   for All Training Areas except Barn & T7 Barn Field. 

  • *$5 Per Dog for Barn & Barn Field T7.   

  • Puppies under 6 months old are Free in all Training areas and Barn/ T7.             

  • The Barn & Barn Field T7 have a separate "per dog" training fee from other areas due to cost of maintenance.  We hope trainers will take advantage the low fee and the fact they are safe and well maintained.  Both are great for training drills and obedience.  

  • Per Person and Dog Training Fee(s) may be included in some Club Events, Classes, Seminars or Workshops.  Please check the premium list or check with your instructor. 

  • Per Person and Dog Training Fees are not included in trials or tests.  There is no training on the property before, during or after a trial or test.        

  • Per Person Fee & Dog Training Fee(s) are charged ONCE daily.  (Even if you leave the property and come back)

Online Resv.
Times & Booking

  • No Reservation Fees apply

  • Reserve Training areas for 30 minutes up to 5 hours. 

  • NEW:  Minimum dog limits for reservations from 3 1/2 hours to 5 hours ONLY apply from May 1st to September 30th. 

  • There is NO training time buffer before or after reservations, please make sure to reserve sufficient time for set up, taking down set up and moving vehicles.  There is an expectation for everyone using the reservation system that their area will be available on time.  

  • Day of training:  You are welcome to extend time (after or before reservations) or length (by adding an additional area) "IF" the training area(s) are not previously reserved online.  Please use the online reservation system the day of training.  T6 - Trailer pond is the exception, there is no extending time after a reservation time has ended.   

  • Training area boundaries are on the Training Area Map​.  They are the farm gravel roads between training areas or white dotted lines on the map.  

  • Please do not air dogs or run a set up into training area(s) you have not reserved.  

Drop In

 Drop In using whiteboard is cancelled - please use online reservation system.

Additional Dog
Training Sports

Today a range of sports is available to dogs and their owners.  Some of the benefits you can gain from getting involved in multiple dog sports include a stronger bond with your dog, a better-behaved canine companion, new friendships, and a healthier lifestyle for both you and your dog.   Current Canine Sports available at SDF include Retriever/ Field/ Hunting Training, Obedience, Conformation.  If you know clubs that are interested in the property we could host, Rally, Agility, Nose Work, Barn Hunt.

Help & SDF

  • If you are not comfortable using the online booking system or run into technical difficulty just drop us a note. 

  • ​We will try our very best not to cancel any reservation / training day / test or trial, but Swamp Dog Farm reserves the right to cancel any of the above at any time due to schedule changes, farming, weather, PHO, emergencies, liability or unforeseen circumstances.  Keep this in mind when scheduling training, training days or events on the property, it is never guaranteed!

Training Fees
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