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Individuals and Groups

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Please read Notices, Farm Rules, Training Schedules & Fees and Training Areas before reserving or arriving at the farm. 

Training at Swamp Dog Farm offers; Nine different field training areas, varied terrain and 11 ponds of various shapes and sizes.  The Barn is 40' x 70' with training area of approximately 32' x 60'.  There is a wood stove that can provide warmth on colder days, but the barn is not insulated and no running water.  An outdoor Porta Potty is beside the barn.

Use the online reservation system to book training.  Per Person and Dog Training Fees apply.    

Before training on the property, you MUST be a current member of a local club or organization that has us listed as additional insured for the Canine Sport you wish to train (see Farm Rules).  No spectators, visitors or non-club members are allowed.  


Farm Rules
Must Read

Before Training at SDF be sure to be familiar with the farm rules.

Must Read

Up to date important Notices to read before training at the farm

Training, Schedules & Fees

How to reserve Training Areas Online

Training Area

Descriptions of Training Areas and Current Map

Training Area Map

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