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Upcoming Events 2023


Mitch White Workshops

May 12-14 & May 25-31, 2023

Premium List &Online Registration

UIRC Class & Bella Visit 022.JPG


July 22nd & 23rd 

CKC Hunt Test JH/ SH/ MH

Premium List TBA

Eastern Slopes Hunt Test.jpeg


October 13th & 14th

CKC Spaniel Hunt Test


Premium List TBA

Carmen and Barb q.JPG


May 18th to May 22nd

CKC Field Trial O/O/J/Q/A 

Premium List May 19th 

Premium List May 20th - 22nd

kevin cheff download.jpg

Kevin Cheff Workshop

August 9 - 11 Pre MNH Training

Aug 12-14 Pre National FT Training


Registration Link 


Pat Nolan Workshop

July 1st to 3rd, 2023 

Premium List & Online Registration Link



CKC National Retriever Championship

Sept 17 to Sept 23, 2023  

Premium List TBA

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Local Clubs


Upper Island Retriever Club

(North Vancouver Island, Comox Valley)


Retriever Training Club

Training Days, Classes, CKC Hunt Tests & Working Certificate Tests


BC All Breed Pointer Club,

British Columbia

Club Training Sessions, Sanctioned Field Events, Club Meetings, CKC Field Dog Tests & Trials


BC Retriever News

Official Publication of the Association of the BC Retriever Clubs. 

Calendar of Events & Premium Lists.


Pacific Rim Hunting Retriever Club

Swallowfield, BC (South Vancouver Island)

Retriever Training Club, Training Days, CKC Hunt Tests &

Working Certificate Tests


Eastern Slopes Spaniel Association


Club dedicated to Field Bred Spaniels in Alberta, British Columbia & Montana.

Club Training Sessions, CKC Hunt Tests & Field Trials.


Salt Chuck Hunting Retriever Club, Vancouver Island BC

Retriever Training Club, Training Days, HRC Hunt Tests, HRC Upland Tests


Forbidden Plateau Obedience & Tracking Club, Comox Valley, BC

Obedience & Tracking Club

Obedience (all levels), Tracking, CKC Obedience Events, CKC Tracking Events.


Vancouver Island Retriever Club,

Vancouver Island BC

Retriever Training Club, Picnic Trials, Training Days, CKC Field Trials


Hidden Valley Conservation Club, Bird Hunting, Vancouver Island


Ducks & Pheasant, Membership and valid hunting licence required


Booking Events

Swamp Dog Farm is proud to host a number of Events including Hunt Tests, Field Trials, Field Dog Tests, Seminars, Workshops, Classes, Training Days, Obedience or Other Canine Sports.    

  • If you wish to book the Grounds or Barn for Events please contact SDF by email for available dates, event price lists and event contracts.   A copy of club or individual liability insurance must be available, listing Barbara Loree, Kathy Miner, Bradley & Danette Weich  O/A Swamp Dog Farm, 7531 Albert Rd., Black Creek BC V9J 1G4 as "additional insured".   

Make sure to read Farm Rules ,they apply to everyone.    

Booking Tests/
Trials or 
Training Days by
Day Rate

  • If you wish to book a Club Test or Trial the property will need to close for all other training. 

  • $50 Booking Fee plus $10 per Dog Running Fee(s) per event day.  Per Person Fee(s) is waived.  (minimum charge of $300 per day includes booking fee.)

  • A Porta Potty fee of $75 - $150 may apply depending on the number of people and number of Porta Potties used.       

  • Access to barn is n/c for club equipment.   Booking the barn for food service/ dinners a $50 fee applies (rental of tables and chairs included).  

  • GST is added to invoices

Booking Club
Training Days
by Training Areas

  • If you wish to book Club Training Days by booking Training Areas - $10 per Dog Running Fee(s).  Per Person Fee(s) is waived".  

  • A Porta Potty fee of $75 may apply depending on the number of people.     

  • GST is added to invoices 

Booking Classes

  • If you wish to book Classes in the Barn or Barn Field the same rates apply as Training - $5 per Dog Training Fee(s) plus $5 Per Person Fee(s). 

  • Puppy or Beginner Classes - $5 per Dog Training Fee(s) - Per Person Fee(s) is waived.

  • The Barn and/or Barn Field T7 can also be rented for classes for an hourly or day rate.  Contact SDF by email. 

  • GST is added to invoices

Special Requests

Fenced Areas

  • Does your event, workshop, seminar, class, training day require a secure fenced area? 

  • There are two areas that are completely fenced with gated access beside the private home that is attached to Training Area T6.  1) One acre flat mowed field appx 140ft x 300ft or 2) Half acre mowed slightly sloping field.  Contact SDF by email for availability and cost.  

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