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Current Notices

Please fill out the daily COVID-19 Waiver

  • March 3rd - CLOSED due to snow.  Will post when we can open.  

  • Everyone must sign a NEW 2024 SDF Waiver before training or accessing the farm. 

  • CHECK areas for critter holes.  Seeing some in fields and around ponds (muskrats are back).  We can't get equipment out there to fix them till it dries out.  

  • Training Schedule is year-round, and we are no longer using white board for drop ins. 

  • Reservation system is available 30 min to 30 days in advance.  Please visit Training Schedule / Fee page for changes. 

  • T4 and T5 (walk in only) available for Tracking reservations from Sept 30th to April 30th.  

  • Do not train or set up near poplar trees in high winds and LOOK UP - check trees for loose branches before setting up near them.

  • For training access: Check updated club listings and make sure you are a current member of one of the club's that has us listed as additional insured for 2024.  We will keep updating the list as we receive from clubs.   

  • Due to recent wet weather: Seasonal roads and seasonal parking are closed.  This includes drive in access to T5 and the parking lot in the trees at T9.  

  • PLEASE DRIVE EXTREMELY SLOW starting at the front gate and on the farm roads! 

  • Give all logged areas a 25 yard buffer. 

  • Barley straw with floats is in T5 and T2 ponds year-round to help control algae in summer.  

  • Read Farm Rules     

Closed Areas

T1 N & N/W Corner

Excavated area T8/T9

  • All Seasonal roads are parking are closed.  Please drive and Park ONLY on gravel roads or turn arounds that are designated "OPEN on training map.

  • T1 North corner by entrance is permanently closed for a building site.  The excavated NW corner should be open after seeding in spring/ summer. 

  • Fallen poplar tree areas must be avoided. 

  • Excavated area SW of T8 and W of T9 are closed until finished.  


& Changing or



  •  The easiest way to cancel or reschedule a reservation is to save the confirmation email with the link.  OR add your reservation to your own google calendar when booking.  Appointlet will ask if you would like to save it to a calendar.  

  • Swamp Dog Farm reserves the right to cancel reservations, open training days, club training days or events due to farming, unforeseen circumstances, event bookings, weather or wildlife. 



  • please follow current PHO. 

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