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Retriever Training

Individuals and Groups

Cost:  $10 Per Dog (pups under 6 months Free)    $5 or $10 Training Area Reservation Fee may apply.  



  • You must be a current member of one of the following local clubs to train on the property; UIRC or PRHRC or SCHRC or VIRC or FPOTC or VIPEG for insurance purposes.  For contact links to these clubs please visit our Events Page. 


  1. Before training everyone must sign a current 2020 Swamp Dog Farm Waiver (available in Barn and on website, leave signed copy in binder.)

  2. The farm is open for Training or Club Events only.  Being a member of a local club (listed above) meets our insurance requirements.   For safety reasons all dogs must be kept on leash and / or under control when not working.  No fun off leash walks / runs permitted.  Please air dogs individually and in designated areas during Events or Club training days.  

  3. Poop and scoop is mandatory.  Garbage bin located by barn. 

  4. No bird disposal on the property.

  5. Please make sure to pick up all your training gear, flags & tape.  Farmer's will appreciate.  

  6. No Driving in Fields unless it is a clearly marked seasonal road in the summer to access a training area.  In the wet season keep all wheels on the gravel.  If you make a rut, please fix it! 

  7. Leave access for farm vehicles to areas including across bridge when parking.  

  8. Have a training plan and have FUN training!



  • Check in and pay at Barn using the envelopes in the mailbox (please write name on envelope). 

  • Write your name and Training Area(s) on White Board in Barn.   

  • We realize training space is limited and water is hard to find so please be inclusive.  


  • Always check the calendar on this website for Training Areas that have been booked.  They will have been booked 24 hrs in advance and will show up on the calendar.   No Reservation Fee for Drop In's.

TRAINING AREA MAP;  Scroll down and be familiar with the training boundaries before booking.  


  • Online Booking 24 hrs to 14 days in advance. 

  • Book 1 Training Area for 1 -3 hours.  Please only book what you need.   

  • $10 Reservation fee for 2 or 3 Hour bookings.

  • No reservation fee for 1 Hour bookings.  (T3 is not available for 1 Hour bookings). 

BOOKING A GROUP (Min 6 dogs);

  • Online Booking 24 hrs to 30 days in advance. 

  • Book 1 Training Area for 4 1/2 hours.   

  • A 2nd (different) Training Area for an overlapping or additional  1 - 3 hours may be booked for the same group 24 hrs to 14 days in advance.  (2nd Reservation Fee applies).  In an effort to be fair to everyone for training access it means you won't be able to book that 2nd Training Area as far in advance.  Come back to book it within the 24 hr to 14 day period.   



  • $10 Reservation fee applies for EACH Training Area Booking over 1 hour.  The Reservation fee will not be charged if you cancel or reschedule a min of 12 hours before the start time.   No shows without cancelling will loose booking privileges. 


  • If you are not comfortable using the online booking system or run into technical difficulty.  Just drop us a note a swampdogfarm@shaw.ca to book your reservation.  Please give it a try, it probably will keep better track of the calendar then we can!  


  • Continue retriever training after your reservation as a Drop In (use white board in barn) for no additional dog fee.  If you wish to train obedience on the same day in the barn or barn field, the obedience training fees will apply.  Make sure to check calendar for reservations.  


  • For that reason we ask training groups to try to limit the number of vehicles to 8.  Please contact us if you need other parking arrangements.   

Thank you for your support and Happy Training

Swamp Dog Farm    

  • Make sure to visit our Events page for upcoming Retriever opportunities and Local Clubs' contact info.