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Current Notices

Please fill out the daily COVID-19 Waiver

  • Everyone must sign a 2023 SDF Waiver before training or accessing the farm. 

  • For training access: Check updated club listings and make sure you are a current member of one of the club's that has us listed as additional insured for 2023.  We will keep updating the list as we receive from clubs.   

  • PLEASE DRIVE EXTREMELY SLOW starting at the front gate and on the farm roads!  The new gravel will take some time to pack down and we don't want it displaced.  THANK YOU!!

  • Hay field areas of T1, T4, T5, T8, T9 were fertilized the morning of May 15th.  Allow 24 hours before training, do not let your dog ingest fertilizer if they are grass chompers.  It's a good idea to wash paws after running through fields.    

  • Pond dye applied May 15th to all ponds.  It is safe for dogs and wildlife.  

  • Barley straw with floats are in T5 pond to help control algae.  With warmer weather approaching, If you see an algae growth on a pond please email and do not swim your dog through it.    

  • Regular Schedule in effect.  

  • Read Farm Rules     

  • Watch for critter holes and check your lines.  

  • Do not train or set up near poplar trees in high winds.

Closed Areas

T6 Training Area

T1 N & N/W Corner

Excavated area T8/T9

  • Please drive and Park ONLY on gravel roads or turn arounds that are designated "OPEN on training map.T6 pond was excavated and will be closed until 2023.

  • T1 North corner by entrance is permanently closed for a building site.  The excavated NW corner should be open after seeding in spring/ summer. 

  • Fallen poplar tree areas must be avoided. 

  • Excavated area SW of T8 and W of T9 are closed until finished.  


& Changing or



  •  The easiest way to cancel or reschedule a reservation is to save the confirmation email with the link.  OR add your reservation to your own google calendar when booking.  Appointlet will ask if you would like to save it to a calendar.  

  • Swamp Dog Farm reserves the right to cancel reservations, open training days, club training days or events due to farming, unforeseen circumstances, event bookings, weather or wildlife. 



  • please follow current PHO. 

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