Training, Schedules & Fees


Regular Schedule

 Check Calendar for changes and Notices for closures!  Online Bookings & Drop Ins.





9am - 6pm



12pm - Dusk




12pm - Dusk

8am - Dusk

8am - 6pm

Winter Schedule

Starts mid Oct. Please Check Calendar for changes and Notices for Training Area closures!  Online Bookings Only.







12pm - dusk

12pm - Dusk




12pm - Dusk

10am - Dusk

10am - 6pm

Open Training

Check Calendar & Notice Page 

for changes

Open Training Days 

  • The Regular Schedule is in effect.  OPEN for Online Reservations and Drop In's 

  • If you are not familiar with the Training Areas (includes Barn) at SDF, where you can train, drive, park and set up - please visit the Training Area Page with Map.  

  • Online Reservations; Reserve Training Areas - 12 hrs to 30 days in advance, details are below. 

  • Drop In's - Day of Training.  No reservation required, details are below.    

  • To make it fair to everyone, especially in the summer months - the online reservation system is setup to encourage handlers to only reserve what they really "need".  Use the drop in system to extend time(s) or add training areas. 

Dog Training


$10 Per Dog

Per Day

  Training Fee; $10 per dog per day

  • Puppies under 6 months are free.


Training Fee(s) are charged once daily.  (even if you leave the property and come back)

  • Training Fee(s) are specific to one canine sport.  If you are training multiple canine sports on the same day - see below.

  • Training Fee(s) are usually included in club training days hosted at SDF and might be included with some classes.  Please check with your instructor.    

  • Training Fees are not included in all day events such as seminars, workshops, trials or tests.  If the property is open for training and you want to train before or after events the Training Fee(s) will apply.      


Training Fees

Multiple Canine


Today a range of sports is available to dogs and their owners.  Some of the benefits you can gain from getting involved in multiple dog sports include a stronger bond with your dog, a better-behaved canine companion, new friendships, and a healthier lifestyle for both you and your dog.   Current Canine Sports available at SDF include Retriever/ Field/ Hunting Training, Obedience, Rally, Agility (coming soon), Nose Work (coming soon) Conformation Handling Classes (cancelled due to COVID), Barn Hunt (not available at this time).

 If you Train Multiple Canine Sports on the same day;  

  • Add a $5 Training Fee /per Dog /per Sport.  

  • Puppies under 6 months are free.

  • When training multiple canine sports please make sure you are a current member of a club we have listed for that venue.  Check the Farm Rules page for club listings.  



All Training Areas

and Barn

  Reservation Fees; Do not apply to Training Areas T7 & T8 or Drop In's. 

  •  1 Hour Online Reservation - No fee 

  • 2 Hour Online Reservation - $5 Reservation fee

  • 3 Hour Online Reservation - $10 Reservation fee

  • 4 1/2 Hour Online Reservation - $10 Reservation fee (available for larger group, min 6 dogs) 

  • Reservations can be made 12 hours to 30 days in advance.  No shows may loose booking privileges.  At this time there is a 30 minute buffer after every reservation.

  • Click on the "Reserve Training Area" button at the top of this page.  Select your Time, Training Area and the available time slots will appear.  Fill in your information and submit.  

  • An Individual or Group may only reserve the "same Training Area" once per day

  • An Individual or Group may only reserve a maximum of "two adjoining Training Areas" at any one time.   

  • Before or after your Reservation you can train using "Drop In's" (Day of Training) when a training area is available.  Always check calendar for conflicting reservations.

Drop In's

Day Of Training

 No Reservation Fees 

  • Always check the Calendar on this website for Training Areas that have been booked by online reservation.  They will have been booked 12 hours in advance and will show up on the calendar. 

  • Use the White Board in the Barn to book your Training Area(s) - Write your name, Training Area, start and finish time.  What has not been booked on the calendar can be used on a first come, first serve basis with no time or training area limits.    

  • T6 is not available for Drop In Training (Online Reservation Only)




Training Areas T3, 

T6, T9


Pond Maintenance Fee; $5 "Per Person" Only applies to Training Areas T3, T6, T9;

  • Starting April 1st, 2021 - A "Per Person" pond maintenance Fee of $5 applies anytime you train on areas T3, T6 or T9.  This is in addition to dog training fees and reservation fees. 

  • Why? To keep the ponds in good shape for retriever training they are requiring aeration using gas pumps, algae and weed control and weekly mowing maintenance.  

We appreciate your understanding and support.  



Or having 

Technical difficulty

  • If you are not comfortable using the online booking system or run into technical difficulty just drop us a note.  Please give the online booking system a try, it will keep better track of the calendar then we can!  

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